The project was born from the necessity of replacing the existing pre-fabricated bar on the terrace of the house with a bigger and more attractive bar, the proposal was since the beginning very clear, a discrete timber hut, mimetic with the surrounding.

The new bar will have access directly from the house and will be able to serve three different areas at the same time, the new volume has been thought to be concealed during no-service hours and as open as possible during service hours.

Every single design decision has been taken confronting the design with the local carpenter to achieve the best result with "0 waste" both economically and materially.

The whole hut is in different kind of timber, white painted Oak for the visible parts, Osb and 2nd quality timber for the invisible structure, making the construction as cheap as possible.

Lightning is intended to focus the lightness of the structure, therefore down-lightings and recessed Led has been applied in strategical points to both create lightness and allow easy maintenance.