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Sesimbra, Portugal

Concept Design

300 sqm

Located on the south coast of the Parque Natural da Arrábida-Sesimbra, the Fort of São Domingo da Baralha is the first defensive construction that has been built, possibly around 1665, with the purpose of defending the Setubal port and its coast.

The building was once home to three army deposits, a water tank and a defensive platform, currently, in ruin, the platform is used by fishermen, the water tank is no longer functional and one portal is still left from the service areas.

The idea for a fisherman home in this fort came after its surprising discovery on a day trip done close by the close by Cabo Espichel lighthouse.

The idea is to conserve the original stone walls by inhabiting the ruin with a new stone volume replacing the water tank and offering a more accessible platform/terrace, the stone volume is recessed from the historical walls allow circulation and a new outdoor space from which enjoying the last hours of the day.

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