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Syracusae, Italy

1st Prize Winner, Young Architects Competitions

1600 sqm

The main idea of the project is to create a shelter for young sustainable consciousness tourism. The dispersed construction along the coast, with no apparent organization, has contributed to a landscape devaluation of the peninsula.

As such, the proposal begins with an organization of the surrounding space adjacent to the lighthouse through the appropriation of the two unoccupied buildings and by a new horizontal and compact volume, in order to create a new nucleus and enrich the territory’s natural and cultural heritage. In a programmatic way, the hotel is divided into two parts: the occupation of the existing buildings, where it will be the reception, offices, bar and a new main building that will contain the rooms and common services. This new volume it’s structured by different room typologies. Doubles and dormitories of three and four-bed, that are faced to the seaside, each one with private toilets, showers and closets that has double access from the exterior and from the central patio. This central patio consists of a big circular common space, where the distribution to the several spacious is made and, mainly, it is a space that foments the social coexistence between the hosts. The services are faced to Plemmirio and it includes the common spaces such as refectories, kitchen, game rooms, laundry, storage and toilets.

By using white concrete, we ensure continuity in the white mono-material constructions of the area and create a relation between these two landmarks, the lighthouse and the hotel. At the same time, the relation with the territory is given by using the same kind of stone on the floor, as if the exterior continues into the inside of the proposal.

In collaboration with Jorge Soares Mendes

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