Murro del Porco is a promontory just out of Syracuse on the southern coast of Sicily, it is a place where the Mediterranean sea finds its limits with the earth, rocks are eroding within the blowing of the wind, the sun dries the vegetation that shy grows between the voids left engraved in the stone of the cliffs.
A lighthouse stands at the extreme point of the Plemmirio’s peninsula, a precise landmark left from the Italian army, that subject to the passage of time it needs a contemporary connotation.
In a programmatic level, the idea of the competition was to convert this part of the territory in a new form of sustainable consciousness tourism, our idea is to occupy the existing buildings for administration and services, and to add a further landmark that would complement to the existing architectures and aspire to the same time scale of the lighthouse.
We thought that the building should give a sense of shelter to protect from the sun, that strongly crumbles on the coasts of this place, so the typology it is a clear reference to the monasteries with central courtyard distribution, the location and orientation have been thinking to manage the spatial tension with the existing building looking for a dialogue.
The plan is a square and hosts a circular courtyard, the drawing takes as reference the spatial sequences of the military architecture of the XX century, that propose a variety of spaces in a general matrix and articulates the regularity of the elevations leaving a generic spatial structure willing to receive different uses during the passage of time.
The white concrete cast in place ensure the continuous colour tone of the existing landmarks already in place and promise to the structure to resist time aspiring to the same eternity character of military architecture.

In collaboration with Jorge Soares Mendes