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Rome, Italy
300 sqm

From the beginning, it was clear that there was no essential need for an architectural project, the infrastructures and the spaces were already working and in good shape, with no structural failures and no material degradation. But the clients believed that by appointing an Architect a different and perhaps more interesting way of living could have been possible in the space.

So the challenge at the beginning was to find problems where they apparently were not, so the exercise was to point out what was not clear, and propose its demolition since the space is filled with different times additions and suffers from a lack of unity.

The idea is to re-occupy the space in a free form, the sense of this idea is to provoke movement in the space, therefore curved walls were almost an obvious choice to play with the rigid grid of the existing industrial concrete building.

The experience is of introversion and one of breath, with almost no minimum dimensions, there will be a mezzanine breaking the tall space, a generous bathroom encapsulating the only sun-oriented window of the space, a kitchen that can serve both the terrace and the "sala", a little studio for meetings and a space to sleep on the mezzanine.

The space will be the headquarter of the client company, but potentially could be a place where is possible to stay short term.

The short palette of materials will lead to a more unitarian look of the space, white stucco for the walls to help reflect the northern sunlight of the space, light grey microciment as a reminder of the industrial origin of the space, timber floor to give a warmer touch to the atmosphere and greenery to ensure privacy.

Artificial lighting will be delicate and movable, a few fixed light sources will be provided to ensure the minimum standards of living, but generally, the idea is to provide a space that you could explore and experience with a candle in your hand.

"Inquestionable limits, an untouchable structure, a traced destiny.

An east facing window, the rise of a new day.

Decisive curves affirm freedom.

A new life in Via Arimondi."

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