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Welcome to the House in Luxor, a concept design for a house on the Nile in Luxor (Egypt) a space to hang out and enjoy art exhibitions. The house was presented at ART BASEL 2022 in Miami Beach, and is also one of the first metaverse case study for real estate promotion, in collaboration with Marzio Camasso (Virtual Reality Designer).



Mataha Gallery . Spatial (Coming soon...)

DCL Art Week 2024 . Decentraland

Willmart Properties Gallery . Spatial

Tropicana Brands Group Headquarters . Spatial

Infinity Medical Marketing . Spatial

House at the beach . Spatial

Spica Showroom . Enoverse

Stephenson Hall . Enoverse

Maison Cassiopea . Enoverse

Auriga Winery . Enoverse
Buttafuoco Storico Winery . Enoverse

House on the Cliff . Madalia World

Michelin Metaverse Headquarter . Mozilla hubs

House in Luxor . Spatial

Uplifting Spiral, Metaverse Architecture Biennale . Decentraland, W3rlds

Pyramid Voyage . Monaverse

Decent Headquarters . Decentraland

COSCO Labyrinth . Spatial

EMC Center ., W3rlds, Enoverse

Banned Library . Spatial, Metamundo

CRNFT Arena . Spatial

CRNFT Tower . Decentraland

Museum of Digital Art . Decentraland


2022 . 4th Prize Award - Next Top Metaverse Builders Competition

2023 . 1st Prize Award - MAD Interior Design Awards - Workplace

2023 . Finalist - European Metaverse Awards - Top 3d Design Firm

2024 . 1st Prize Award - Decentraland Art Week


2021 . Architects in the Metaverse I

2022 . EWMC2022 - Architecture in the Metaverse

2022 . Conversation with Andrea Khaldi - Scopriamo Decent Architecture

2022 . The Architecture Social - Architects in the Metaverse

2023 . EWMC2023 - Architecture in the Metaverse

2023 . Architects in the Metaverse II

2023 . MetaTalks Podcast

​2023 . ROCA Gallery Lisboa - Architecture & Metaverse

2023 . Monaverse Community - Pyramid Voyage

2023 . Ericeira Podcast Lab - Pyramids & Metaverse

2024 . Decentraland Art Week - Host


2023 . MAD Awards - Winners Ceremony - Metaverse Workplace and Concert Hall

2023 . Viva Technology Paris - House on the Cliff for Madalia World

2023 . Metaverse Architecture Biennale - Decentraland & W3rlds

2024 . Metaverse for Hotels - Agecotel, Nice Expo

2024 . Decentraland Art Week 2024


As Metaverse adoption grows, the demand for skilled designers is soaring, and promises a flourishing career alternative to traditional Architecture practice; the exciting fusion between artistic freedom and technology represents, for Architects, not only the opportunity to achieve work-life balance but also protagonism in shaping the future of digital experiences. Additionally, the international nature of Metaverse design fosters connections with like-minded individuals worldwide, stimulating the creation of a global culture community.

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